The FELM Mission Festival

The 2017 Felm Mission Festival will take place in Turku May 19.-21. The Festival will be held in cooperation with Kirkkopäivät.

Felm, founded in 1859, is the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church’s oldest mission organization. The Felm Mission Festival is the church’s largest internationally focused summer festival. The festival brings together thousands of people interested in mission and development cooperation work from all over Finland.

At the Festival Felm reports about its own work and the work of its cooperation partners in various parts of the world, and visitors have the opportunity to hear about developments in missionfield.

The Festival affords an opportunity to meet Christians from other cultures and to explore together what the Christian faith brings to life and the interaction between faith, development and global injustice.

There is something for all ages and the programme includes, in addition to information on mission work, music, drama, church services and much more.